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Taught psychology for 30 years, authored four textbooks. Specialize in introductory and industrial/organizational psychology, but will tackle wider range of areas.

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Jeffrey03/20/171010Dear Alan, Thanks for the help. Appreciate .....

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2017-04-19 Strange fantasy:

Hi Charles    I guess it depends who you ask. If I were a priest I'd probably say that it's a sin to think of being sinful, but I doubt that any psychologist would say that the science of psychology would

2017-04-17 Psychology and sexuality:

Hi Andrew    Then let me phrase what I take your question to be: "Is there any good scientific evidence that if a man masturbates inspired by erotic imagery, he will therefore have difficulty establishing

2017-04-16 Anger of dogs that bark:

Ciao Micole! Si scrive bene l'inglese.    Did you know that you are responding to a million years of human and dog evolution and interaction?    It might help if you understand why the only domesticated

2017-03-29 pedophilia:

Damien. Sorry. Rather than answering you with a yes or no, I respond with hypotheticals. Here's why.    You are seeking a diagnosis that spills over with psychiatric and legal implications.But  I haven't

2017-03-29 pedophilia:

"What do you mean, when you say I shouldn't extend the relationship?"    Hard to define in specifics, but in general, suppose she were an ordinary-looking or unappealing 12-year-old boy. Sure, you could


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