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Taught psychology for 30 years, authored four textbooks. Specialize in introductory and industrial/organizational psychology, but will tackle wider range of areas.

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Recent Answers from Alan Auerbach

2016-12-14 getting angry a lot:

Hi Robert    It might help to know that many people who react like you, without realizing it self-explain other people's behavior in a bad light.  If you knew a driver sped past while rushing a sick baby

2016-12-14 Communicating with Selfish People:

People can't or won't change Jim -- any more than one of us could get the other to eat a plate of worms.  We are very much ruled by habit.     Second, unless he has the insight to ask his older and wiser

2016-11-19 BPD:

Hi Sophia    Yes, you have atypical BPD.     Thanks for asking us, good luck, and good bye.    Alan          Well, what use was that answer?    Seriously, I'd like to avoid answering your question

2016-11-16 anxiety and feelings of guilt:

Thought patterns that develop gradually are unlikely to be subject to an overnight change, no matter what or who is the change agent. That means that you should expect to invest some time into coming back

2016-10-21 sleep weather and mindset:

Hello Nizami    The answer is not in medicines, whether costly or not. Nor in tea, which is a diuretic, therefore causing frequent urination. One or maybe two a day is enough.  And certainly not in cigarettes


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