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Taught psychology for 30 years, authored four textbooks. Specialize in introductory and industrial/organizational psychology, but will tackle wider range of areas.

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2016-10-21 sleep weather and mindset:

Hello Nizami    The answer is not in medicines, whether costly or not. Nor in tea, which is a diuretic, therefore causing frequent urination. One or maybe two a day is enough.  And certainly not in cigarettes

2016-10-12 Eye contact, one or two?:

Hello to you Ahmad    It's simple.  As for item 1, what you read was totally -- completely -- false and without any foundation at all, not to mention foolish and silly.    As for where to look exactly

2016-10-12 Relationship problem:

I think it's a good idea for you to see a therapist and talk about this. But not for the obvious reason.    You and the guy are perfectly normal. Most guys have a bit of Trump in them. They exaggerate

2016-10-02 Abusive relationship:

I wish I could say more than accept or quit.    He sounds hyper defensive and totally lacking in insight, a combo that does not bode well for any success from psychotherapy. People who don't want to and/or

2016-09-30 Is this normal?:

It is indeed fairly normal, and even if it weren't there's no treatment for it.    Two things can happen together as we age.     1. Some stuff becomes less important to us. Does the car need an oil change?


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