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I have nearly two decades of experience in IT, computer repair, and related fields and will attempt to provide the most solid, brand-agnostic advice when it comes time to purchase a new computer, or upgrade an existing machine. I can answer anything from the seemingly basic to the downright complicated - and will do my best to provide this information in a clear and concise manner.

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I have been an enthusiast of PC's for many years, and can answer questions about the purchase/use of a new computer or the purchase, installation, and use of upgrades for existing computers. There probably isn't a whole lot related to the home computer that I haven't seen over the years.


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Recent Answers from Bobbert

2016-10-05 Alienware:

You are correct on just downloading the Windows 10 installation media from Microsoft - as long as you have a valid key you can use that media.     On the software: it looks like you're stacking anti-virus/anti-spyware

2016-10-04 Alienware:

I've received both your feedback and this post and will try to respond to both. Firstly, I have no control over the AllExperts software - it certainly is not perfect though. If you run into issues with

2016-10-04 Alienware:

Firstly I wanted to clarify, AllExperts is *not* a forum or public discussion board. It is a QA service. You can read more about what AllExperts is, and isn't, here:  http://www.allexperts.com/central/service

2016-10-03 System automatically restart after working few minute, few hour:

It sounds like the power supply is unstable and prompting the restart - that would be where I'd start looking first (e.g. swap in a known working power supply and see if it fixes the stability issues)

2016-08-16 fan processor heat up problem:

HW Monitor, like any other application, will work regardless of your power plan settings - in this case you shouldn't notice any performance degredation on HW Monitor itself, as all it does is read temperatures


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