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I can answer all question related to Illustrator CS6 and CC.

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Shelley11/06/08101010Laith, Thanks for the instructions. Very useful .....
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2009-05-17 my black select arrow isnt working:

Hi Josh,  The solution is very simple; from the top menu select "View > Show Bounding Box". This will show the handles from which you can re-size your objects.  I'm sure this will fix the issue you're

2009-02-11 ILLUSTRATOR:

Hi Shahab,  The solution is very simple: from the top menu go to "View" and click on "Show Bounding Box". This will bring back the box handles that you can use to control the scale and rotation of your

2008-12-19 Cropping Images:

Hi Alison,  You can use any shape as a clipping mask so it doesn't have to be a square. Simply use the pen or pencil tool to create the shape that you like, put it on top of your picture, select both the

2008-11-23 Arrows:

Hi Mike,  I don't know anything about how Corel Draw creates arrows? I never use it so I'm going to tell you how to use Illustrator to create arrows.    In Illustrator, you have to draw the line first

2008-11-06 Arrows:

Hi Shelly,  Creating arrows is very simple in Illustrator. Here are the steps in details:    1. Create a line using the "Line Segment Tool" or the "Pen Tool" from the tool box menu (the long thin bar that


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