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I can help with specific "How To" questions. No Photoshop Elements questions please.

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I have been using Photoshop every day in my work as an Art Director and Graphic Artist since 1993 with version 2.5. I am currently employed as a Creative Director in Miami. I have taught computer graphics classes at CompUSA, Computer City. I currently teach a crash course on Photoshop to digital photographers on Digital Photography Corner's Digital Photography Cruises. I have worked as a personal Photoshop tutor for clients as far away as Seoul Korea.

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Photoshop is the bomb.

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Alex05/24/16101010Thanks Dan. That's exactly what I did .....
Jeff Rife05/06/16101010Fantastic answer! Exactly what I needed to .....

Recent Answers from Dan Loffler

2016-05-20 Recreating an effect:

Hi Alex,    Yes. There is a way.    Select the blue text layer and apply a Drop Shadow FX, set the Spread:0, Size:0 set the Blend Mode to Normal and Color to White. Don't click OK yet. Look at the list

2016-05-06 Turning or twisting the Marquee:

Hi Jeff,    I'm pretty sure I understand.     What you want to do is, get the ellipse as close as possible, then go up to the menus across the top and choose [Select]-[Transform Selection]. This will give

2016-03-21 Drag and Move original size images to another image to have same original size.:

Hi Martin,    I am sorry to tell you that pixels are pixels. Photoshop will not add or take away pixels when you drag or copy and paste them. It has never done this. In the past you may have been working

2015-10-20 photoshop question:

Hi Bertrand,    Photoshop will not be able to do the calculations for your percentages. Sorry.    If you can redo the study with a red or pink tile you may have better results. A black or white tile would

2015-05-27 Can't figure it out:

Hi Don,    The way I would do it is to make a Layer out of the selection. Do this by pressing CTRL+J while you have a selection, this makes a new layer out of the selection.     Then I would add a layer


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