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I am a Photoshop professional and have been using the tool since 1998. Since then I have been constantly upgrading myself with the newer versions of the same. Please feel free to ask me for issues or difficulties, be it technical or creative. I am here to help.

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About 17years, I have been using photoshop since it was 3.0 extensively for print media, animation, presentations, broadcast designs, mobile content etc.



Bachelor of Science(Computers)

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Brainbench Certified for Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.5.

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Everything about it...

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Photoshop is one of a kind.. all other image editing tools are imitators!!!

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Recent Answers from Kamal Krishna

2017-01-27 Color change with shading:

Hi Jim,  Easiest solution would be.  1. Create a new layer on top of your object Layer. Fill it with the desired color you want the object to be.  2.Change the Blending mode of this layer to Hue or color

2016-07-06 Photoshop Elements Question:

Hi Steve,    Alright  Check your editor preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> General  Make sure Allow Floating Documents in Full Edit Mode is checked     In the editor, go to Windows -> Images and select

2016-07-06 Photoshop Elements Question:

Hi Steve,  The image you attached is that a screenshot/printscreen of what you see?  Or does that grey stay when you save it as an image?    If its the first case then its just the grey interface of photoshop

2016-03-21 Drag and Move original size images to another image to have same original size.:

Hi Martin,  Iam not completely sure if i understood the problem.     Is the dpi same on both documents?    However from what i understood, here's my suggestion.     1. Drag the file from explorer/finder

2015-02-12 32-bit and post production:

Hi Shridevi,  How about convert your image into a smart object.  Change the depth into 16-bit, apply all your effects.  change back to 32-bit before exporting to the final format. (Click on Dont rasterize/Flatten)


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