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I can address all 2-D questions and some 3-D questions. I do programming in AutoLISP if it doesn`t involve solid modeling. I can also address menu customization issues and can help you find answers to questions I can`t answer by taking your question directly to Autodesk via their newsgroups.

Experience in the area

I used to do electronic and mechanical design for a flat panel monitor manufacturer, and now I do architectural drafting for an architect. I did and do AutoLISP and menu customization and take pride in making my lisp routines to do the work exactly the way the client likes them done.


I had a routine published in CADENCE magazine (no longer in publication and taken over by CADALYST). Some of my routines are published on my website at


Certified completion of AutoCAD courses, AutoCAD employment experience since 1992

What do you like about this subject?

It's my work, and I enjoy it because I learn from it daily.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I used to hope to pay my bills and retire in 15 years or less. Now that I have taken over the raising of my grandchildren, that dream will probably not be realized. So, I will be working as long as my brain and hands still function.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

That's for me to know and you to ask about! How's that for chickening out on an essay question. There's nothing about CAD that bores me, because AutoLISP and customization in general makes it MY AutoCAD. Sometimes if and when I get a slow day, I relish the opportunity to get at the items built up on my wishlist.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I wonder when they will change AutoCAD so much, that I won't be able to do it anymore.

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SHELDON11/23/16101010"Always helpful" Sheldon
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Jalyn07/15/14101010Very details responding---even offer more information! Thanks .....
suresh07/11/14Thank u very much sir
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Recent Answers from Bill DeShawn

2016-11-22 AutoCAD 2017:

Sheldon:  "Outdated gear" is a bit difficult to address, since I can only imagine what that may mean.  If it means you're still working with Windows 7 or prior version of Windows, then I would wait because


So, let me get this straight.  You installed AutoCAD 2007 on a Windows 7 laptop.  Just like my architect.  And the installation went smooth.  Only when you try to start AutoCAD you get an "Unhandled Exception"


What version of Windows?  Vista? 7? 8? 10?    Bill

2016-08-23 Non responsive AutoCAD:

If you don't already have a DWGtoPDF.pc3 file like all newer versions have, then use PDF995.  It is a mock printer that when you install it, it becomes a "printer" in your Windows system to which you can

2016-08-08 jagged lines when printing:

One thing that I've read that can cause this is when you don't use the plot command to print a windowed area of the drawing to scale, but instead print a "screen capture" or "current view".  Try printing


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