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I can can answer questions about: - Oracle - SQL Server - MySQL - database design for OLTP and OLAP - logical models and physical data models - ERwin - SQL

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I currently work on database design on a day to day basis. I have years of experience with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and database design tools.




BS Computer Engineering
Multiple Data Warehouse Class Completion Certificates

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2014-02-20 Counter in report:

It depends on the report writing system and database used.  Some reporting systems have a row number column that can easily be added.  If using Oracle as the database, the query could use a sequence to

2013-02-10 database design and coding for Front-End Web Developer:

Here are a some good places to start:    http://woork

2010-04-14 Design Question:

You could do option 1, but that seems to change the grain or the fact definition of visit.    For option 2 it is similar to using a helper table.  Looking in Figure 1 of the link below, the Monthly account

2009-05-12 Database pools?:

Amazon and iTunes have similar functionality.  Users can group songs or discs to their liking.    If you wanted to create an application from scratch, the database tables could look like the following:

2009-01-02 Excel duplicate finder:

You can use the Control F function to see all of the matches by clicking Control F, then Options, then Find All.    That is about the extent of simple built in functions for Excel.    If you require a


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