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How to find what you want on the Internet. How to design your pages so you can be found on the Internet. Use of content to attract traffic to a Web site.

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AltaVista, Compaq, Harcourt, Hitachi, and numerous small companies and startups.

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For headlines you put <h1> or <h2> or <h3> before and </h1> or </h2> or </h3> after.    <p> and </p> designate a block of text with a carriage return at the end.  For poetry, you put that at the front/end


<p> has nothing to do with "text".  It makes an end of line break (a space between lines.)    Richard

2015-09-21 web page:

I do not know anything about the legalities of selling your own house.    You can however learn how to quickly build a web page in Chapter three of my book Web Business Bootcamp, which is available for

2012-08-27 General Inquiry about starting a website:

Read my book Web Business Bootcamp.  It's a bit dated. (Things change fast on the Internet.)  But the basic principles hold true.  You can read it online for free at

2012-02-03 Starting a Website Building Company:

Please check my book, Web Business Bootcamp, which is available for free on the Web at    It's old.  Many of the examples are obsolete.  But the basic principles are


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