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I can help with basic HTML questions and web development concepts. I do not write JavaScript, but can help with the concept of using and where to find it.

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Experience in the area.I am Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Master Certified and was certified as a MOUS Authorized Instructor. Instructional design and test writer for Skills Advantage LLC,, Test Publisher and E-learning Solutions Provider


Courseware, intro and advanced HTML


Microsoft MOUS certified, ICDL certified

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2017-03-24 Making a Website:

Dylan, the best source for information in creating websites is the website.  The W3 sets the web standards .  There site is free with many "test it" features for hands on checking out what

2017-01-08 Website Redirection Issue:

Hello - To find out who owns a Domain or if it is registered you can go to...   or - Icann has a few more options.    To find a URL that you paid for

2016-07-14 text:

Bob, you can use HTML to align text and an image.  The w3 has a "try it"    The following has the code you are looking for.    http://www

2016-07-04 Font Size help:

Copy the following code into a notepad window, save the file as font.html .  Go to whereever you saved this file and open it, it will open in your browser window.    Now - edit the numbers, one at a time

2016-07-04 Font Size help:

Robert - if you declare font-size 200%, this means that the font for this particular text will be 200% larger than the default font on your webpage.     In the end, you can not determine how someone will


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