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I can answer questions about script installation problems. I can give hints and tips for writing code. I can suggest the best approaches for writing web applications, and other similar topics.

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I've been writing Perl scripts since 1999. I sell my scripts at


I'm self taught in computer programming.

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I've been quoted in a computer programming publication, called CGI-101.

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Recent Answers from Jason Silver

2015-10-19 PERL form script:

There are a number of mistakes in this script that I see right off the bat, but it may not be enough to get it running.    There are some hash variables referenced without quotes:    $form_id = $fields{Form}

2013-01-22 Perl scripting to invoke html:

You want to first open the file, and then read it.  I'm not sure what you mean by HTML format, but I assume the file is already in HTML?    <code>  open FILE, ">file.txt" or die $!;      print FILE $str

2012-07-30 Find a word in a file.:

I'm confused by  your user of the grep command-- what is the Q and E for?    Here's how the grep would work:     @myNames = ('Jacob', 'Michael', 'Joshua', 'Matthew', 'Alexander', 'Andrew');   @grepNames

2012-04-16 Perl - Works on Command Line but Not Database:

While I haven't had this exact problem, I understand the gist of what is wrong.    There are two possible problems that can be connected to this problem. The first is that the user who is accessing the

2012-03-16 To close child window from parent window:

This is really more of a javascript question than a Perl question.    You cannot use the server (where Perl is executed) to affect a window that doesn't have focus. However, you can send a  Javascript


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