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i can try answer to queries related to general VB/VB.NET programming, ADO/ADO.NET, handling databases etc.

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I have been working with VB and VB.NET for over 3 years.

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The sheer ease with which you can program.

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2009-03-01 hi:

Hi,    when you have that random number, you need to pick the question from the DB whose ID is equal to that random number. If such an id does not exist, you need to generate another random number until

2008-05-02 Run time error 91 in vb:

Hi Isha,    Run time error - 91 object variable or with block variable not set is encountered when an object is not instantiated or is null.    Very likely the connection object is going out of scope or

2007-04-10 Visual studio 2005 - MS access database:

Yeah, you have to declare this section in the web.config and then you will be able to access it in code.    Check out the following link -    And

2007-04-10 VB coding to recognise MAC addresses from a given text:

Hi Eugene,    you can make use of regular expressions to identify MAC addresses.    Here is a sample code snippet in C#    public static string IsValidMAC(string macAddress)  {  string result = "";  Regex

2007-04-10 Visual studio 2005 - MS access database:

Hi Vinod,    why don't you use the ConnectionStrings section of the web.config. Something like this -    <connectionStrings>      <add name="VMallsConnectionString"      connectionString="Provider=Microsoft


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