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Can answer basic VB questions those are related to commonly used controls, VB/Access related questions, basic Flexgrid solutions

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I have working with VB-Oracle/Dbase/Access for the past 4 years.


Brainbench Certification in VB 6.0

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2015-05-01 Develop a simple form in VB 2005 express Edition:

Hi Sedighe,    I am sorry for the delay in my response. I have not worked with VB 2005,but I can give some hints while I hope could help you.  1. In the Public Declarations declare a file handle and point

2013-06-06 vb6 Autogenerated Code:

Hi Pradip,    You need to store the code in a table of a Database. The table should contain the StationCode, StationName,etc. Everytime you want to create a new code, you need to query(using sql) for the

2010-11-02 vb6.0:

Hi Sneha,    When you say "it goes to textbox2 on form2, what is that you do actually do to make the itemcode to go from textbox1 to textbox2 ?  Is it something like, you are copying textbox1 to a public

2010-04-01 vb6 + adodb + access:

Hi Prakash,    You need to run a query prior to accessing the fields of the table. For example refer to the contents at the link,

2009-11-03 Printing a file:

Hi Enoctis,    I cannot provide you the complete code for now. But I can offer some tips. You would need to use the shell command in conjunction with the DOS type command to print the file without opening


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