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Most general questions on LANs, especially home networks. Some admin and design issue.

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I've been an IT Professional for more then 16 years. I've accumulated a larege store of knowledge that allows me to answer a wide variety of IT related questions.

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2016-04-21 Access Check boxes:

I rarely use checkboxes in Option groups for just that reason. An unchecked value looks funny. You can try making the Default value for each to be 0 so it would appear as False rather than unchecked.

2015-09-01 Wireless External Hard disk drive.:

May I ask why you are asking so many varied questions? Are you a student and are these questions assigned as homework?    Yes, some external drives can be connected wirelessly. Some wireless routers have

2015-08-26 Digital Camera interface with USB Flash drive.:

I don't know of any camera that can store images directly to external storage. Nor do I understand why you would want to. Most cameras use an SD storage card that can be removed and inserted into a computer

2015-08-26 Fastest Desktop processor (CPU) in future.:

The first PC Chip (8086) was available with 5-10 Mhz clock speeds when it debuted in 1978. Almost 40 years  later clock speeds by 400% (10 Mhz - 4 Ghz).     That would seem to indicate that faster clock

2015-07-15 Lcd panel display for Bus stops.:

This is really not a networking question but a marketing question. So I[m going to answer with my opinion. Having LCD screens at bus stops is a maintenance night mare. They are too easily broken, stolen


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