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Most aspects of Novell Netware, NDS, Groupwise, Zen, Identity Manager, iChain, NMAS. Also Novell Linux OES.

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Over 10 years with extensive Level 2/3 field and R&D experience. Authour of 4 Novell TIDs.


BE(Comp) CNE

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Netware is a proven, stable NOS platform.

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Douglas09/04/0910Thanks Wayne. URLs were correct and not .....
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Hi Wayne04/17/09101010thank you so much

Recent Answers from Wayne Doust

2011-03-10 Using Squid and TC together:

Firstly, you probably should post this to the Linux section. :-)    Secondly, I commend the work you have done. I have a couple of suggestions for you:    1) Use shorewall to do your packet shaping and

2010-03-25 Internet sharing on suse linux:

Download and install shorewall. Read and edit the configuration files.    As to the Broadband sharing - it depends on the method of connection:    1) You are using a broadband router - no need to use the

2010-01-07 Bandwidth allocation priorityin linux:

There are many ways to skin this cat:    1) Install squid and implement bandwidth throttling  2) Install shorewall and webmin, use webmin to configure shorewall for traffic shaping    The 'alternate' ways

2009-07-31 Ubuntu anomaly:

Actually, I do support Ubuntu, however for some reason AllExperts knocked back my application. Go figure.    Firstly, chances are that you aren't browsing the firefox website, but the local firefox URL

2009-07-16 need unix os software:

If you want to use Unix (as opposed to Linux) then either of the major BSD distributions should work fine for you:    http://www.freebsd.org/  http://www.netbsd.org/    Alternatively you could try Solaris:


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