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I have used WordPerfect since 1989 and am proficient in many of its features. Used it for word processing and desktop publishing. Know little or nothing about spreadsheets and equations

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m.Twenty three years using the program.


College Diploma

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Recent Answers from Mike McIntyre

2016-12-08 Wordperfect delays in typing:

This is an OS system, not WP.  1. Make sure something is not hogging system resources. If you have other programs running in the background they can take over and halt what you are doing.  2. Old computer/New

2016-08-04 alignment in tables:

Sorry for the late reply, have been away on holidays.  If the characters following the comma are always the same amount (and I presume they are not because you say they are not monetary amounts) then you

2016-08-01 Can WordPerfect do this?:

Sorry, I have been away on holidays.  Short answer is probably but, unfortunately I don't know how. It would take a complex macro that would include either/or operators in it. (I'm guessing) I am not that

2016-07-31 Can WordPerfect do this?:

The immediate answer to your question is, "I don't know," because, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. There is probably a way to do this with a macro, but as I said, I'm not sure exactly what you

2015-12-02 Printing File:

Is this WP5 or X5?  First: Does your printer work with other applications? If not you may need to install the printer driver.  Second: In Windows Control Panel choose to Uninstall a Program. Choose WP


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