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I'be been using Word and other Windows Office software for a long time now and am happy to help you find a solution to to your problem or query. Sometimes I may not have the answer, but hopefully I can put you in the right direction!

Experience in the area

Word: experienced with tables, mail merge, graphics, paragraph styles, sections, tables of contents/index. Excel: some formula experience and happy to help find the right formula for the required output.



What do you like about this subject?

Word is a great word processing package that includes many desktop publishing features.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

If you know something about Word that I don't know, I am keen to learn more!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:


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Recent Answers from Karen Lee Biddle

2017-03-17 Pdf to word:

Hi there Brian    I have never done this, however here is a link to a site that shows the VB code to convert all files in a directory, which sounds like what you need...

2016-10-24 Printing:

Hi Brenda    If your printer is not printing to scale, then this is an issue with your printer, not with Word.    The only setting that might affect this is if you have chosen something before printing

2016-06-29 MS Word 2003 TOC:

Hi there Angie    To create the TOC, you must first ensure that all the headings that you want to include in it are formatted with the right paragraph styles (it sounds like you have done this).    I don't

2016-02-03 Mail Merge to include Excel and Word:

Hi there Jessica    I'm not entirely clear on what you mean. You can most certainly use an Excel spreadsheet as your data source.. and then it is just a case of placing the appropriate field links in your

2015-05-14 using a few characters to generate a long title:

Hi there Chris,    This is quite easy. Go to View - Macros - Create Macro.    In the Macros Dialogue, enter a name into the Macro Name field... such as "Jones" or whatever makes sense for you.    Now click


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