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Richard Roberts


Can assist you in most areas of Excel, have been working with it for about 15 years in many types of applications, but primarily in financial and accounting applications. I am a CPA and many client or client problems have necessitated the use of excel. I am not an expert in charting, macros, or pivot tables.

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Have been working with Excel for about 20 years primarily in accounting and financial areas.


BA, Certified Public Accountant

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2017-02-18 Link pre-existed checkboxes to their relevent cells:

Parantapkumar      I have never done this, and I cannot come up with a method to give you.  I am pretty sure it can be done, so I suggest you reask the question of another allexperts person who might

2017-02-09 Formula for calculating compound interest:

Nico    The compounding interest problems are a bit of an issue, but can be done    Here is a formula that is based on the information you have provided and assumed a 10% annual interest rate.  36 payments

2017-01-17 Copying CSV file into Excel sheet:

RICHARD    To copy the entire sheet instead of painting the cells you want to copy, and then copying them,  Just click on the box at the intersection of row 1 and column  A and then perform the copy paste

2017-01-10 weird printer problem:

Bill    Weird is a good description of your issue.  I have not run across it before so I don't have a specific answer for you that I know will work.  In the past when I have had an inexplicable issue such

2017-01-06 Chart appearance.:

Richard    Sorry, I have not had this experience nor have I had any other questions regarding this issue, so I can't be of much help.  I suggest you reask the question of another allexperts person and


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