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Selected as an Excel MVP by Microsoft since 1999. Answering Excel questions in Allexperts since its inception in 2001. Able to answer questions on almost all aspects of Excel's internal capabilities. If seeking a VBA solution, please specify that in your question itself so I give you the answer you want. [Excel has weak protection - if you are distributing an application, I don't answer questions on how to protect your project from your users.]

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Extensive experience.


Master of Science (MS) degree Operations Research (ORSA)

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Microsoft MVP in Excel.

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Nabam09/22/16101010Thanks tom
Anne09/20/16101010That was what I wanted to know .....
Tim09/19/16101010Tom, That worked perfectly as usual! Tim
Joe09/16/16101010I sent you my question and started .....
Jana09/13/16101010Tom, you were so kind to answer .....

Recent Answers from Tom Ogilvy

2016-09-22 Formula for Goal Seek:

Nabam,      the formula in A1 should be:   =IF(B3="",19000,(B3/A2))    If you read my original post, I was thinking of an approach that would require intentional circular references, but with the formula

2016-09-20 Request to post link on Solver post you did:

Anne,    You can look at this link:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions/hWVT1O3RUJU    It has a good discussion of the method.  The tiny URL posted by Max

2016-09-19 Macro:

Tim,    if cell A1 is the only cell with a value or is empty, then    Range("a1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select    would try to select beyond the number of rows in the worksheet and would cause an error

2016-09-16 VBA code - Search all cells in a worksheet and highlight the cells that contain a user entered value:

Joe,    Find actually has several arguments and one of them is whether to lookin xlValues or xlFormulas.  I added an argument to look at xlValues and that worked for me.     Sub HighlightSpecificValue()

2016-09-12 MATCHing a date within a range of dates:

I would have to see how you are using it, but all the other conditions produced a true or false condition which is converted in the formula to a 1 or zero.   The statement you show is returning an A or


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