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I am a heavy user of Excel and VBA. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to help you design a complex project. However, I am very happy to help troubleshoot problems you are encountering or provide direction with formulas or snippets of code.

Experience in the area

I have created several complex spreadsheets for use in data collection/aggregation as well as scientific laboratory studies and procedures.


Brainbench MVP for MS Excel.


AS - Computer Science (emphasis on programming) BS - Chemistry

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Recent Answers from Chad Welch

2012-01-08 VBA count help in a range across multiple sheets:

Hi Bill,  You are very close. The problem is that you are looking at the range, but you need to look at individual cells or a formula that will consolidate the range. My guess is that the second option

2012-01-07 reply to your email:

Hi Peggy,  It's good to hear from you again. This can be done by using a few nested IF functions in Excel. So if the census number is in cell B2, copy the following into B3, B4 & B5 to get the RN, PCT

2012-01-03 VBA - Goal Seek:

NCA,  That error means that VBA cannot load something that is referenced in the code. Unfortunately, when it happens the line that is highlighted usually isn't the one causing the error. My guess is that

2012-01-02 Dealing with Blank Values:

Hi Scott,  Thanks for using AllExperts. The following formula should work for you. It checks column A, if it is blank then it will return a blank. Otherwise it returns the result of your formula.    =IF(A4=""

2010-06-01 Excel date formula:

Hi Eliza,  The problem lies in the way Excel handles dates. It converts the date to the number of days since 1/1/1900, so 9/1/2006 is stored as 38,961. In your formula, the 09/01/2006 is interpreted as


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