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Can answer basic worksheet related questions like formulae usage, connecting to RDBMS from server to extract rows from tables, basic macro construction, pivot table creation, dynamic updation of worksheet data from Server RDBMS..

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2014-01-16 Excel help:

Hi Tom,    You can use a combination of the IF and Vlookup functions to achieve this.    File 1    c        d          1 Name     Wages  2 Namea2   2000  3 Namea3   1000  4 Namea4   3000    File 2

2013-11-06 Sorting lines in one document into search-term-entitled smaller documents.:

Hi Jonathan,    Here are two examples. One pulls out the lines that contains the word apple and the other that pulls out the lines that do not contain the word apple    -------------------------------------

2013-11-05 Sorting lines in one document into search-term-entitled smaller documents.:

Hi Jonathan.    I believe that the "find" utility in Windows should help you on this. But I need to do some testing to confirm this.    You can try it out as well by checking out the help for that command

2013-10-03 stock:

Hi Harish,    This would not be a simple task that I can tell over an email. I can provide a sample guideline. You would need to build up further on that.  Suppose the first sheet(sheeta) has the following

2012-10-31 sum of all elements of a matrix:

Hi Vivek,    You could use the Sum() function to add up all the elements of the matrix, just as you would use the sum() function to add up all the elements of a given row or column.    Do let me know if


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