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I`m a Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and have been since the inception of the program in 1995. I can answer every kind of Excel question except: API, Importing/exporting to other programs (powerpoint, word,...) Also check out my in-person training link at http://www.thumbtack.com/ny/new-york/excel-training/

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Worked with MS Excel since version 0.99 (on the Mac!). Was contributing editor to Excellence Magazine, having written >300 articles. John Walkenbach said of me "I finally met someone who knows as much about Excel as I do."


Excellence, The Expert, Microsoft


BA in math, Hofstra University, 1965

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Led sessions for the Convergence 2004-2006 seminar on Excel tips & tricks

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See my book, This isn't Excel, it's Magic! at http://www.iil.com/iil/excelmagic

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Recent Answers from Bob Umlas

2017-03-10 check date format:

"...time format hh:mm or not blank..."  That would be anything that's not blank! So "XXX" would be true, 123.45 would be true, and any non-blank would be true. If you really mean you want to stop when

2017-03-09 Copy range to another sheet:

ColumnToRepeat is a range object. saying Range(columnToRepeat) is like saying Range(range(...))/  Since the syntax for a range is something $A$3:$C$3, you need the ADDRESS, not the range object.  Try this:

2017-03-07 select 2nd non blank cell in row:

I used GotOne as a switch to know I found the first one. Once I found one, the next time around must be the 2nd one. Here's how to get the nth one:    Sub NthNonBlank()      n = 2   '<==========change

2017-03-06 select 2nd non blank cell in row:

Sub SecondNonBlank()      Dim GotOne As Boolean      For i = 2 To 16384          If Cells(5, i).Value <> "" Then          If GotOne Then          Cells(5, i).Copy Range("A5")          

2017-03-03 Hyperlinks in PivotTables:

You can try changing this:    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)      On Error Resume Next      ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Target.Value, NewWindow:=True   End Sub     to this:


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