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I can answer most questions related to macros, worksheet functions, VBA, Office automation (calling/using other MS Office programs) and geocoding using Google Maps. I have 10 years experience using and programming in MS Excel and other office applications. I have extensive experience linking and using DLLs in Excel.

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Macros, worksheet functions, VBA, linking of DLLs and Office automation, geocoding using Google Maps.

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Recent Answers from Gyula Gulyas

2016-01-01 VBA variables for Worksheet Unprotect:

Hi Al,  you can use the Excel VBA Evaluate function. But it requires evaluating another function or sub as per below. No need to declare your constants but you need to add to the custom function below

2014-01-08 Excel 2007 Macro to Zip active worksheet and send via outlook:

As far as I know you cannot do this with the built-in Windows Zip.  You could do this with a third party program like 7Zip or WinZip, something like:    strDestFileName = "c:\temp\TestZipFile.zip"  strSourceFileName

2012-01-01 How to make excel addin useless after 30 days of installation?:

Hi Raja,    There is a good discussion on this with he solution at http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56282    It requires some more advanced level programming skills but I assume if you created

2007-10-02 flipping columns and rows:

Brian,    here you go from David's site:        ReversI() can be used to reverse the order of items in a row, column, or range.  It can be used to reverse itself.  Applied to a SINGLE ROW, the macro will

2007-09-25 Drop Down lists:

Hey Steve,    the easiest way is to use Excel's validation. It is under the menu Data-Validation-Select list instead of any value.    Just google "Excel validation" to get some examples.    Another option


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