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Microsoft Excel questions related to advanced formulas, Pivot Tables, filters, forms, graphs, and just about anything else (EXCEPT Visual Basic Coding/Programming and Macros, I don't answer questions in those categories).

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I have been using spreadsheets since Lotus 1-2-3 was released.


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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Learning something new and helping others learn something new!!

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Prashant S Akerkar 08/19/16101010Dear Nathan Thanks Prashant
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Jessica 08/08/16101010Awesome help!
Liz Browning01/21/16101010Thank you! That is exactly what I .....

Recent Answers from Nathan

2016-12-06 Extract Pertinent Data from a Cell:

Joe:    The answer, I'm almost 100% positive, is yes; however, I would need to see your spreadsheet in order to answer the questions specifically.    Can you email it to me (or just a small sample) at

2016-08-19 Periodic table data in Excel software.:

I imagine it would be useful if you were a scientist or interested in science.    I'm wondering if there was also supposed to be a question here... such as, do I know of any periodic tables in Excel?

2016-08-10 CSV File:

Jessica:    This request is a little vague so I will try my best.  I'm assuming this formula will be in cell D1 and it will need to be copied down through the column:    =IF(OR(AND(C1=0,D1=0),C1=9999999)

2016-08-09 CSV File:

Jessica:    When you say image, are you talking about a JPG, GIF, PNG, etc type images?  If so, the answer is no.  CSV, Comma Separated Values, is a "TEXT ONLY" file format.      The only workaround I

2016-08-08 Formula:

Jessica:    This would be done with an IF function.  For example, the following IF function populates another column with the requirements you specified:    =IF(D2="Crest",B2-40,IF(D2="Credda",(B2-40)*1


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