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I can answer most questions regarding the OS Windows 98 including increases to system performance, device driver problems, alternative programs to use, ect.

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System analysis for multiple operating systems, including Windows 98. Rebuilding of older computers with Windows 98 systems originally on it, configuration and system repair.


Associates in Science in Computer Information Technology

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Helping people with issues with their computer and being able to learn what problems can occur that I may have not encountered yet.

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2013-06-09 Event Sounds:

This is not something I know by hand. Most, if not all Windows operating systems, names the sound files generally the same. If you go to C:\WINDOWS\Media\, you will find the files/folders of the sounds

2012-08-10 Windows 98 & Computer processor:

Due to the hardware replacement, the hardware is much newer than what Windows 98 can run on with some sort of stability. I suggest installing Windows 2000 or Windows XP on the Pentium IV machines as that

2012-05-03 Windows '98:

About a phone jack, you can not connect one to a modem. It has to be an Ethernet cord. Other names for this cord are Cat5 and Cat6 cable. If your laptop has the Ethernet jack, it will look like the phone

2012-05-02 Windows '98:

A laptop originally running Windows 98 is of the age that it could likely support only 512MB of RAM at max and has a very slow processor compared to today's computers. So even if the RAM was upgraded to

2012-03-22 Win98SE Weird Problem:

I can agree that you may not be the ONLY one, but not many people use the command prompt as often as you do, hence the existence of the graphical user interface replacing most actions originally performed


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