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I have lots of answers for problems with defrag, clock time, performance, system resources, problems with passwords, opening files, etc. I also probably know of a freeware/shareware application for anything you want to do: sharing Internet, firewalls, games, utilities, graphics, audio, etc.

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I am the Director of Information Systems for a large law firm. I also have a home network of multiple computers and other devices.


George Washington University, BA University of Michigan Law School, JD

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2016-07-25 Question re PC video editing:

Hello,    Sadly the answer is no.  Digital video is extremely data intensive and takes up a LOT of space.  Almost all video formats out there are already using some form of compression.  Therefore, the

2015-01-07 unwanted ads:

It sounds like some malware has installed on your computer that is causing the ads to display.  If you are already running malwarebytes and it cannot kill it, you may want to try a few other tools.  I

2014-04-14 Heartbleed vulnerability:

I'm afraid VPN encryption will not be much help here.  VPN encryption protects you from people who catch your packets in transit between your computer and the server.  This is particularly useful if you

2013-10-27 Pc restarting problem:

The most common reason for a slow shut down is some service running in background that need to complete before Windows can close.  Check out the instructions at the link below for troubleshooting:    http://www

2013-03-02 Labtop Error:

Hello,    I am not really an expert on Windows 8, but typically this sort of error is the result of fault hardware.  Typically it is the result of a bad video driver or bad RAM.  You may want to try updating


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