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I`m familiar with Windows 95/98/2K/XP/7 problems and will try my best to assist you. Feel free to ask any software or hardware related questions.

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I started using computers over 10 years ago and have grown to both love and hate it to say the least. I have studied computer programming and graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science.


Bachelors in computer information science

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2015-05-18 PC speed:

Hi Geoff,    It can become slower since there are applications that will need temporary space and this will cause problems running them. You can try running the Disk Defragmenter (Start > Programs > Accessories

2014-04-26 internet backup:

Hi Joe,    What is the purpose of this? Do you want to make a complete backup copy of what you currently have setup in Win98SE or you just want a backup to reinstall Win98SE back in the future (clean install

2013-10-19 Cloning a drive - questions:

Hi Luke,    If you don't mind me asking, what is the device you purchased?    Since you are cloning the entire drive, this should clone the Master Boot Record (aka MBR) along with the Windows Operating

2013-09-26 Missing:

Hi Dave,    That's perfect. That explains it clearly :)    Your status bar is missing and that should be a quick fix. Please take a look at:    The

2013-09-26 Kidnapped:

I'm not so sure about that version. It's way too far back. I could only remember IE6 myself and thought I did update to IE6 before in the past when I still had Win98.    Anyway, try to delete your cookies


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