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A Macintosh user since the release of the Macintosh II. I am patient, diligent and a good researcher. If I don`t know the answer I will find someone who does.

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Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist Apple Certified Desktop Technician


Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist Apple Certified Desktop Technician

What do you like about this subject?

The constant requirement for research and, thus, advancement of my knowledge. The occasional thanks when a problem is solved.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Please take the time to provide detail so I don't have to ask you a bundle of questions. You came here for a quck fix didn't you? I am not a geek. I am an experienced professional computer/applications user who has to deal with system and application problems amongst a diverse user base daily. I will try not to bore you with detail (unless asked).

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David07/24/14101010Thanks anyway for your answer Tony :)
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Janet01/21/12101010Thanks Tony for such helpful advice. I .....

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2015-05-20 mac os:

The flashing ? folder means that the computer has either a damaged system folder or the computer's hard drive has failed. It doesn't mean that there is a disk in the drive unless you know for certain there

2014-07-23 Mac ports and homebrew unistall:

Hello David    I'm a little puzzled as to how my AllExperts account is live given that I resigned from the site a year or more ago.    Anyway ...    1   I don't think I would be able to help anyway. I

2014-06-24 restore data:

Hello Howard    Ouch. If your External hard drive has failed, and you have lost data on your computer's hard drive, you are somewhat stuck.    Or did you mean that only your Time Machine HD has failed?

2013-03-28 Pages Formulas:

Hi Nancy    I have only used Pages within the iWork suite for page layout/design. Would you not have an easier time using a combination of Numbers (the iWork version of Excel) and integrate such with your

2012-03-11 iMac won't sleep:

Hi Chuck    Two things spring to mind...    Do you have Little Snitch installed?    Do you have Internet Sharing turned on?    You are not alone with


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