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Installation, Administration, typical tcp/ip services (sendmail, apache, qmail, tomcat, hylafax, etc.), Linux as desktop

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7 years Linux system administration, FreeBSD administration


Bachelors, A Certified, Network Certified, currently employed in emergency department at major hospital

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2014-06-17 Hi, my samsung tablet won't work, Do you know?:

Hi Mark,    The Android OS (google-flavored Linux) is by no means indestructible.  No software is indestructible.  In fact, alot of work is spent by the programming community to make sure it doesn't break

2012-04-25 Shell script awk error:

Hi Shinil,    Interesting problem.  Try this, just to be cheeky:    In the line that reads:  set -A SIDS `awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"} !/^#/ && !/^\+/ && !/^\*/ && !/^$/{print $1}' ${ORATAB}`    Change it to this:

2011-10-03 How to recover files using Knoppix 3.6:

Allix,    You may have a damaged disk so if you have any valuable data on it, you might be best taking it to someone who knows what to do rather than relying on my feedback from this site as I can't actually

2011-10-03 How to recover files using Knoppix 3.6:

Allix,    What operating system are you trying to repair?  Windows 7?  XP?  Do you know if it's FAT32 or NTFS file system? If it's Windows, have you tried repairing the disk from booting up with the Windows

2011-10-03 How to recover files using Knoppix 3.6:

Hi Allix,    I hope I can help.  As you're successful in booting into Knoppix, can you see anything on the Knoppix desktop called, "Hard Disk Partition [hda1]" or "Hard Disk Partition [sda1]"?  Try browsing


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