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I am a San Francisco-based investment adviser and attorney.

Experience in the area

I opened my investment advisory practice, Borek Financial Management, in 1999, and have been a licensed attorney since 1993.

I received my B.S from Cornell University, and a J.D. from George Washington University Law School.

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Terrance11/07/151010Thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated .....
Kenneth08/26/15101010Thanks for the reply and information!
Kenneth08/26/15101010Thanks for the reply!
Kenneth03/09/15101010Thanks for the information!

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2015-11-05 401k via a trust?:

OK I think I get it now - but again talk this through with your accountant.    If you want to open an IRA, you can do so through companies like those you mentioned, where you pay commissions on whatever

2015-11-05 401k via a trust?:

Hi Terrance-  To simplify this a little - a 401k is a retirement account tied to a job/employer, funded by payroll deductions and employer contributions. You can only use one if your employer offers one

2015-10-12 Paying taxes on stock gains?:

Hi John-  Yes you need to report any gain or loss in the year you sell a stock, even if you reinvest the proceeds in another one. With some investments tax laws allow for "like-kind exchanges" that can

2015-09-24 joint investing when unmarried:

Hi Vonnie-  You're right, the "I" in IRA stands for Individual. And in general, it isn't possible to set up a tax-advantaged retirement account with someone else - whether you're married or not. But you

2015-08-25 Stock Market Correction:

Hi Kenneth-  Terms like correction or bear market don't really have precise definitions so it's up to whoever is listing the data or using the term. It's easy to add qualifiers like "we're getting close


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