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I answer only public questions so all can benefit . there is a donation button.but its not necessary for you to donate to ask me a question. if you want to donate. it will go to my daughters education fund and I thank you. I do NOT endorse any of the website ads that will bring you to my answers. I have started a blog called ..AS Tbaarr Sees It.. tThats the only site where I might benefit from any ads,see below for the address. I dont care about ratings as i am not here to make you buy a service from me... If you want my opinion just ask me... I was a expert who was consistantly in the top ten.... I have found my screename,on google,being used without my permission to promote scottrade and other garbage... Ask me here first before you try any service that is claiming my screename or using it as a link.... PLEASE let me know at my webpage or blog.... .. ....So i can go after them Thank you MY BROKER OF CHOICE IS CHARLES SCHWAB

Experience in the area

I retired in 1996 at the old age of 39 by using city based utilities and leap call options. on stocks like ibm and wal mart because you can control these stocks for 2 years for ten cents on the dollar.
As of 1998 I got married and went to work driving Big Rig in 2004 so I could provide my 2 daughters,who are 4 and 8 as of 2007, with QUALITY AFFORDABLE health insurance. THIS job still allows me to trade but will cause you a slightly longer wait for any answer.. I apologize for This but my families welfare comes first..
I am a investor only so i am not here to force anything on you and choose this site because it was free The subjects listed below cover the main reasons i feel justified to call myself an expert the stocks I trade and why my options strategy my use of credit cards how to achieve multiple card accounts some ways to get your first credit card,that i know work how to make approx 120 a year by simply paying your bills with a credit card any questions outside of these topics i will attempt to answer or just say sorry i cant help you


school of hard knocks. I am an out sourced electrical engineer with a Calculus background. This is what I used to create my stock trending formula and my trading technique. I was taught the basics by other traders so I now return the favor.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

feel free to challenge me with any questions that you might ask suze orman from television i consider her statement that she made on television that borrowing from an ira causes you to pay double taxes on your money is totally incompetant ask me why and i will explain it

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2016-11-06 shares:

Another expert here named steven taylor said the company had a reverse split. Ie bad news. They did a name change to simplex solutions and then had major financial trouble in 2007. They were delisted and

2015-10-22 hello,question about investing...:

Appl has way too many total shares to raise it with a 1.5 mil share buy in my opinion. But if your goal is to make a instant profit of 500000 then simply buy 30000 shares of appl and sell the jan 2018

2015-03-19 RE::

if ur funds are not tax free municipal then i am not truely qualified to say as i only buy tax free munis that are no load.    my opinion is I have traded since 1985 and have never found bonds an acceptable

2014-02-15 Banks:

The only suggestion i can make is go to your local bank and ask the stock market rep where his banks invest. considering how they had to be bailed out i would not be to sure about them anyway.  there is

2013-07-24 stock:

when a company delists..thats a problem to me and a neg to ever holding that said company..thus i would find out how soon i could get cash..and whether the cash is a full value settlement or a settlement


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