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Stock forecasting and fair market valuations. I am happy to try to answer any questions for investors trying to manage their funds for the future. I will NOT ANSWER HOME WORK questions from students in finance or economics. Over half the questions I get are from students studying finance, located in India. Having someone on the internet answer your homework questions is not the way to build the knowledge you need for a career. All other questions are welcome and encouraged.

Experience in the area

15 years in a leadership role at a Financial research company. Provide research to institutions on a high level such as Wells Fargo advisors, Fidelity, Bank of NY, Scotia Bank, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, McGraw Hill, and others.


Florida International University, University of Florida, over 20 years in the business.

Past/Present Clients,,, Bank of NY, numerous hedge funds and institutions, other partners and clients can be viewed at

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field? employs many proprietary models, which were adapted from innovative concepts in finance theory generated both in academia and from Wall Street practice. Each of the following ValuEngine models represents the state-of-the-art in valuation, forecasting technologies: The VE Stock Valuation Model, Stock Forecast Model, Portfolio Advisor

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2016-11-22 vnrap:

Thanks for your question!    Unfortunately my research firm does not cover vnrap, but we do cover vnr. So any information I give here will relate to the vnr listing.    We do have negative price targets

2016-07-24 old stock certificate:

Greetings Dennis,    Thank you for your question!     Yes, there are several things that you can do to see if an old certificate is worth anything.    The first thing is to determine if the company still

2016-07-12 Stock reports:

Jim,    Thank you for your question!   Unfortunately there are no websites that I am aware of that offer free stock reports (other than a free sample to try to sell their service).  Stock research is expensive

2016-05-17 mandatory merger:

Thank you for the question!    Unfortunately I am not an expert on taxes, regarding how you would declare that transaction.  I believe that you would calculate using your $1942 purchase price, but you

2015-11-23 stocks noob:

Fern,    Thank you for your question!  Yes, I do have some suggestions on how to begin organizing an investment plan for the future. Rather than just pick a stock or two, I encourage you to think much


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