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Due to licensing issues, I am unable answer any question related to investment or financial advice.

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over 20 years in financial services


MPA from Harvard University

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Any related to the field. Plus comments on mutual funds.

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Further my knowledge and keep myself updated.

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Recent Answers from Docs99

2017-02-14 gifting:

Thank you for your query. I am no tax attorney, thus cannot furnish you with  this kind of advice.  You may want to discuss the issue with your registered rep at Edward Jones Rising Funds and with your

2016-03-12 Sales Fee:

Thank you for your query.  You may want to look into the respective prospectus.  Each and every mutual fund has one unique to it.  Any charge or fee is fully disclosed in it.  Good luck. If you do not

2014-02-07 Treasury's Floating Notes:

Thank you for your query.  The special thing about them is that the rate is not fixed till the maturity date.   It floats or changes during the life of the note.  Here is the link to  Treasury and all

2013-07-04 flow of money in index funds:

Thank your for your query. I do apologize for the delay, was away for the long weekend. The sources I can think of are the Federal Reserve and Bloomberg. I am sure both institutions have historical data

2012-08-31 sales charge for load funds:

Thank you for your query. A load is a type of sales charge.  Please see below:    U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission  SEC Seal   Home | Previous Page  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


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