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I can answer detailed questions regarding mutual fund investing, retirement planning, education planning and related comprehensive wealth management and investment concerns.

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I have been providing fee only investment management and comprehensive wealth management services for the past 19 years.


I have a degree in Financial Planning & Counseling and I am also a Certified Financial Planner practitioner.

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K.F.03/13/17101010Thanks for the reply and information!
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Recent Answers from John D Smith, CFP

2017-03-12 Mutual Fund Expense Ratio:

Hi. The expense ratio of mutual funds comes out of performance. In other words, if a fund returns 10% and the expense ratio is .50%, then the net return that gets reported to the investor and the investor

2016-08-26 Stocks and mutual funds:

Hi. Stock mutual funds are simply a diversified portfolio of many different stocks that allows investors to get broad exposure to many different investments. Mutual fund performance therefore will be dictated

2016-07-27 question:

Hi. When investing in mutual funds, you have the option of taking the dividends in cash or having them automatically reinvested back into the mutual fund and purchase additional shares. In order to research

2016-05-02 Expense Ratios and Net Asset Values:

Hi. Youre welcome and I am glad my answer was helpful. In regards to your follow up, yes, my understanding is that there is a daily calculation that occurs in which this is netted out, although, I do not

2016-04-30 Expense Ratios and Net Asset Values:

Hi. This is a great question and something many people wonder about. I will give an example to help illustrate - lets say there are 2 identical mutual funds, fund A and fund B and they both return 10%


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