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I can only answer questions regarding equity options, not futures. I have a great working knowledge of both LEAPs options and standard short term options. I'm very well versed in many types of options strategies, specifically, buying straight puts and calls, writing covered calls, naked put writing, credit spreads, calendar spreads, iron condors, and butterflies. I can also help with questions regarding technical trading.

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I am currently making a very nice living off of selling credit spreads and calendar spreads using weekly options on the SPY and IWM.


I have a college degree as well as ten plus years of independent study of options trading and technical analysis.

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Joe08/10/16101010Thank you for addressing all the points .....

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2016-08-04 options expiration:

Hi Joe.  If you are using an online broker like OptionsXpress or Think or Swim, there should be a drop down menu option or a button somewhere on the site to exercise the option.  This is the only way to

2014-12-10 How to trade options profitably:

Hi Choo.  The bid/ask spread is a nasty problem that, unfortunately, will limit the amount of stocks you can trade if you want to remain profitable in the long run.  One of the best things you can do is

2013-10-15 Implied volatility the same?:

Hello.  First, I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you.  I usually respond right away.  Implied volatility for a stock has less to do with share price than it does the actual movement

2012-07-31 Bear Call Spread:

Yes, they would identify them as a spread.  If you were to have opened your transaction with the short $60 call, your margin requirement would have been enormous being that you would have unlimited risk

2012-07-30 Bear Call Spread:

Hi Elsa,      With a Bear Call or Bull Put Spread ("Credit Spreads") you never have to take any action once the spread has been initiated unless you want to limit your loss.  Since you take in a credit


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