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I answer only public questions so all can benefit . there is a donation button.but its not necessary for you to donate to ask me a question. if you want to donate. it will go to my daughters education fund and I thank you. I was retired as a single man in 1996, but in 1998 I got married and now with 2 daughters 4 and 8,as of aug 2007,I found it necessary to drive big rig back since 2004 so I could provide them with AFFORDABLE quality health insurance. I use a trend theory that parallels the dow and trade stocks that follow the dow consistantly some of my successes was IBM`s jan 2005 100 call ZIBAT bought at 330 350 and 380 when ibm bottomed at 55-59 and sold at 580 when the stock hit 68-70 5k profit on each 10 k tied up I have found my screename being linked to garbage financial sites that I have no association with. Please ask me before you use any of these sites, or let me know at my website or my blog. http://www.geocities.com/tbaarr/night_vision.html http://www.tbaarr.blogspot.com/

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Since 1991 have traded leap calls for over 10 years on high quality stocks

and make 30-50% as a average i do this for fun and for free so others may benefit


ex top 10 askme.com expert i used the screename tbaarr there also my specialties are described by the topics below credit ,leap options explanation and use, trading leaps, analysis of stock price vs leap price and shaving the bid or the ask price when using covered calls remember if you get 10 bucks shaved off the bid and ask price of a covered rollout on 5 contracts you covered your commission


outsourced electrical engineer. calculus background. I used this knowledge to create my trading system

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

be sure to get my answer to compare against any suze orman answer give me her question and answer as i find her advice totally foolish, especially when she makes a ignorant statement like borrowing from your ira, causes you to pay double taxation when you pay back the loan

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2012-12-20 common stock:

Hoover's Company Profiles:  Central Maine Power Company  Top  Home > Library > Business & Finance > Hoover's Profiles  Contact Information  Central Maine Power Company  83 Edison Dr.  Augusta, ME 04336

2010-12-28 STOCK OPTIONS:

Check with your accountant as all I know Is how I write off options that I buy. I enter  the type of option and the day I bought the option on schedule D 1 short term capital gains or losses side. Then

2010-03-19 Selling Options:

if you have an option that expires today thats 2 bucks in the money ...you can sell it today by simply calling your broker and ask for the current bid or sale price ...then you enter an order to sell 1

2010-01-13 options:

you sell it for the bid price offered    if no bid price is offered you lose your money and the option expires    if a bid price is offered you sell offer to it at that bid price and the specialist that

2009-11-11 Option Liquidity:

ok when an option is low volume you can still get your trade executed at the bid price ...but you might only sell  one contract ...the specilist only has to offer one contract to set a bid price so if


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