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National, State and Local Parks, Preserves and Forests around Las Vegas. Some "off the beaten track" information. Fossils. Petroglyphs. Ghosttowns, Primitive Camping. Minimal Las Vegas related info (ie. shows, hotels, buffets, casino, gambling, etc.)

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Recent Answers from CmdrMark

2010-04-30 Travel to the USA:

>Hi there, I am from New Zealand, just wondering how travel to the city of Vegas and say San Fran would help to broaden my cultural horizons, please let me know    Travel ANYWHERE will broaden one's cultural

2010-02-06 tent camping:

I've heard that Clark county, the county that Las Vegas is in, has an ordinance against any "tent camping" and that none of the private campgrounds in Las Vegas can allow tents, however an google search

2009-10-03 Valley of Fire:

>You said there is free camping at Valley of Fire about an hour north of Las Vegas. Could you please clarify the location? Is it on Hiway 95 or 93 or 15. I will be traveling from Yosemite National Park

2009-04-02 day trips from zion ponderosa ranch - PART II:

 Sorry for the reply foul up.    This is a follow up to the preceding question. For Some reason, a normal follow up would not go through.    >>I'll be sending a fuller answer tomorrow including sights

2009-03-31 day trips from zion ponderosa ranch:

Quick Answers:    >How far a drive is it to the South Rim?     From the North Rim to the South Rim is about 11 miles...If you flew.  When I drove it, it was 215 miles with a couple of short side trips


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