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Information about locating a business in Nevada; information about types of business, and major businesses, in the state; exporting from Nevada; international trade organizations in the state; geographical and tourism attractions and events, especially in Northern Nevada.

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I have lived in Northern Nevada for 20 years and I believe it is one of the best places to live in the US (I have lived in every part of the US except the Northeast). The new "Places Ranked and Rated" publication rated Reno the #9 city to live in the US and it was also rated the #6 city in the US, among medium size cities, to start and operate a bu

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To educate businesses, both domestic and foreign, to relocate their business to Nevada because of the opportunities and quality of life.

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I have lived in Northern Nevada (Reno area) for 20 years. I spent most of my life in the private sector as a businessman but I now also work for the State of Nevada in the Commission on Economic Development. I have visited 48 countries, and set up distribution in 35 of these countries, on 6 continents and I definitely believe that this is the best place to live and operate a business.

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Most people think that all of Nevada looks and operates like Las Vegas. Only the southern third of Nevada is desert and looks like Las Vegas. Most of the northern two-thirds of the state is mountainous (we are the most mountainous state in the US) and has plenty of lakes, rivers, mountains and forest, and great destinations to explore. Business wise, two-thirds of all of the manufacturers and expo

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John09/19/08101010Thanks Alan.
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2008-02-03 Shopping:

Hello Richard:    I am not aware of any shops in Las Vegas that specialize in designer label clothes for large and plus sizes. The specialized shops that carter to the large and plus sizes usually do not

2006-10-09 gambling age:

In Nevada you MUST be 21 to gamble. Whoever told you that you could gamble at 18 is incorrect. As far as what an 18 year old can do in Las Vegas it depends on exactly when you go and what are your interests

2006-08-09 medical info:

Hello Leah:    The type of information you are seeking is handled by the division of Aging Services. Their web site is: The phone number for the Reno office is: (775) 688-2964. When

2005-03-07 Legal Drinking/Gambling Age:

The legal age for both drinking and gambling in Nevada is 21. This age limit is very strictly enforced for gambling as security people in the casinos will ask anyone within 3 feet of a gaming device to


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