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Can answer questions on all aspects of commercial real estate investment & development.

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25 years of real estate investing & development. Own & operate a commercial real estate company in southern California.




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Gabe03/01/14101010Thank you for a very good suggestion .....
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2015-05-24 question.:

The price fluctuation of land is not usually directly tied to the "type" of land (and by type, I presume you mean zoning for what it could be used for). There are a huge number of factors that play into

2014-08-13 Tapasya 70 Grandwalk New Commercial Project:

Your best approach would be to hire a large international commercial brokerage to handle the listing, preferably one with offices in India. I'm not familiar with the area so I'm not in a position to recommend

2014-03-01 lease eviction:

I think you're going to have to ask a real estate attorney in AZ, as I'm in CA and the laws are likely different here (plus I'm not an attorney). I would guess that if they cashed your check, then they

2013-09-10 Commercial Real Estate For Sale:

If it's an innocent error (such as putting a decimal point in the wrong place or leaving out a zero), then it is unlikely that the seller would be forced to stand by that amount. If the seller puts a teaser

2013-04-05 CAM Reconciliation:

I understand the situation, but I'm not exactly sure what insight you're looking for. If it's the issue where you only have expense data for 1/2 a year, then you would need to try and get the missing expense


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