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I can answer questions like: Before purchasing real estate for investments, what do I look for on the property to insure that I will not spend money like crazy once I bought this property. This is directed to investors that are located below the Mason Dixion line.

Experience in the area

Power Quality, lightning protection, surge suppression on HVAC Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV and Gate Access Systems.


BSEET, MSM, Power Quality Engineer

Awards and Honors

National known by most security manfactures all over the USA

Past/Present Clients

Honeywell, Gamewell, Simplex, Johnson Controls, Harrington, Harris, Consulting before purchase for real estate investors on condos, appartments, hospitality, Extended Stay of America

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Bryan 02/18/11101010Thank You Very much

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2012-01-21 CAM and Management Fees:

My answer to this is simple, I am not a lawyer.     As a non-lawyer, I assume that if you did not sign a contract for CAM, then you are not obligated for anything. Before paying anything, you should negotiate

2012-01-06 lease option to buy commercial property:

My bio does not lend itself as an expert in this area...rather it does lend itself to help you decide if you should buy a piece of real estate based on the equipment and damages that has occurred or possibly

2011-02-18 Signing a lease knowing of Water Leak:

I am confident you already know the answer.  Water damage will destroy wood, cause mold, and attract unwanted vermin.  If there is water damage, also include in the contingent that you want what ever is


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