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I can answer detailed questions regarding mutual fund investing, retirement planning, education planning and related comprehensive wealth management and investment concerns.

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I have been providing fee only investment management and comprehensive wealth management services for the past 19 years.


I have a degree in Financial Planning & Counseling and I am also a Certified Financial Planner practitioner.

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Kenneth12/19/16101010Thanks for answering my question!
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Recent Answers from John D Smith, CFP

2016-12-19 Investment Sales:

Hi. If I understand your question properly, you are wondering where the brokerage company gets the money  that is paid to an investor who sells the investment? In some ways, it depends on the type of transaction

2016-09-11 investing inheritance:

Hi. I know the tiny return is tough to accept, however, safety seems to be the major concern for you. There is no free ride when it comes to trying to achieve extra return so if this is money you will

2016-06-17 tax question:

Hi. Since you rolled the "old" 401k directly into a rollover IRA, then there are no adverse tax impacts. Presumably, the $$ that went from your old 401k to the IRA were pre-tax dollars and therefore when

2016-05-02 Retirement account:

Hi Bob. There are a couple of different things to address here, so I hope I capture them all.     Your comment is an accurate one in that, yes, you will need to earn on average more than the 1.3% in fees

2016-04-08 Company Pension Plan:

Hi. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Canadian pension law in regards to this. I know in the US the law is loosely written and open to interpretation, however, 60 days seems too long to me. Sorry I


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