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Bruce Julien

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I can answer questions on and raise issues clients overlook in the areas of Estate Planning as far as taxes and distribution flow problems, Asset Management as far as appropriateness of assets and allocations for a desired goal and the value a consumer gets for their costs, Tax Planning related to Income and Estates, and Insurance/Annuity questions particularly in light of suitability to the consumer.

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I became a CPA in 1991 and began offering financial advice in 1992. I am a Registered Investment Advisor which means I sign off on putting clients' interests first in a fiduciary role.


BA in Accounting, University of Maryland 1990

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Zachary 03/12/16101010Thank you sir.
Leah07/07/15101010Sounds like you know what your talking .....

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2016-09-08 Financial advisors:

Tom    Everything was a miserable failure in 2008; and they have all come back if you stayed with whatever you came into the drop with. There won't be anything you can invest in, in equities, that can

2016-09-05 Financial advisors:

Sorry for the delay Tom    I managed assets as such in the past and still do. It happens a lot when clients come in with old positions they want to or have to keep but do like my ideas if different.  

2016-03-11 401(K) Loan:

Zachary    Your attitude will save you here and serve you well in the future. Make your life easier and just pay the credit card off where it is as fast as you can. Juggling small amounts like $2k around

2015-11-24 EE Savings Bond, I-Bond, or 529:

So it looks like I Bonds    You should get a planner as you have potentially complex enough and sizeable enough assets to want the help    I am in NJ if that works, I have remote clients, but in any event

2015-11-24 EE Savings Bond, I-Bond, or 529:

EE Bond won't give you enough at $5k    I Bonds I don't know how much you have    529 DON'T TAKE FROM HERE    So in the limited info I have on you, DON'T take the 529 and the bonds are generally not paying


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