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I am a U.S. lawyer with offices in Houston, Texas and in Belize. I can answer questions on U.S. Immigration, U.S. corporate law, and Offshore Tax and Asset Planning.

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I am a U.S. attorney with offices in the United States and Belize. I have experience helping to protect assets, reduce taxes, and improve investment performance by utilizing global investment techniques.


Harvard University, A.B. degree; University of Houston Law Center, J.D. Degree; Fulbright Scholar

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2016-05-09 Offshore company for trading FX:

The Belize LLC is an ideal way to establish your account at the UK forex trading operation (if they will actually allow it) while maintaining a "disregarded" or "pass through" tax status. There will be

2015-08-03 Protecting assets:

You are asking about "asset protection" in the context of financial protection. A very very very important issue, but not what I deal with. I help people protect theirs assets from law suites and liabilities

2015-04-29 Joint Bank Account:

I am not familiar with Maryland law, so this may not be accurate there. You should simply check with the bank to make sure (unless your mother is already dead). Most states would consider a "joint" account

2014-12-22 Financial Information:

It is possible to obtain this sort of information using various credit tools. I used to do so in order to collect on judgments. But it was/is not cheap. I wouldn't spent the money just to try to scare

2014-10-30 Multicurrency account:

Unfortunately, that is the case. Your account in the USA is going to be held in US dollars. You can receive funds in Euros (or other) and you can send funds in Euros (or other), but you cannot hold funds


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