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I can respond to most questions concerning consumer and business relationships with US financial institutions. My expertise touches on deposit and loan issues and particularly on strategies to navigate through bank policies personell and practices. I have a degree in Economics, attended law school, Graduate Shool of Banking, and Commercial Lending and Compliance Schools.

Experience in the area

I have twenty years experience as a bank CEO. Most of those years were spent operating a bank focused primarly on serving consumer/retail needs. I helped pioneer deposit and loan products for low/moderate income individuals. I currently serve on multiple bank boards and am Chairman of a Commercial Bank in Atlanta.

What do you like about this subject?

It's what I've done most of my adult life. A few banks are great. Some are bullys and unfair. I enjoy helping people navigate the process.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to help those who are mistreated by the system or who just need help with specific issues of banking.

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Reg11/09/11I wrote him twice, still he din't .....
Kenneth10/26/11101010Thanks for the reply and clarification!
Kenneth10/25/11101010Thanks for the reply!

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2011-10-25 Bank Account Protection:

Kenneth, the bank is generally liable for unauthorized withdrawals. Exceptions can include your failure to promptly notify the bank or your negligence in allowing others to have your account information

2011-07-29 Disposition of custodial account on death:

Bob, I'm assuming she is custodian under the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act UTMA. States have widely different rules regarding UTMA. Some banks (apparently not WF) have a place in their signature cards

2011-07-23 Post Dated Check:

Carolyn, The Uniform Commercial Code adopted by all the states basically gives the bank the right to ignore dates on almost all checks. So, there is no legal effect of offering a post-dated check. A practical

2011-06-19 Joint Checking accounts garnished:

Nicole, not familiar with NY law. Ask the creditor in writing to verify amounts owing including all transactions (debits from your accounts). The judgement likely includes interest, attorney fees, etc

2011-06-17 frozen bank account:

Maria, My first advice is to ask the bank exactly what they need to release the funds. You may have already done this. You say, "you appear on the account". If the account was joint with you, you should


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