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I can answer any kind of general management question for a small or medium sized business. I have knowledge in legal, financial, operations, and business development/marketing issues in businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees.

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I have 15 years in progressively more senior positions at Telesat Canada. For the past 15 years I have been building small businesses and selling them. I sold my company in 2005 and became CEO of the parent company, which was publicly traded. I have been consulting and teaching college for the past five years, so i have been able to see many different clients' issues, and how to solve them.


Wireless Telecom Canadian Business


Associate Engineer - DeVry 1983 Master of Business Administration - Ivey Business School (University of Western Ontario) 1996

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Telesat Canada The Busholme Inn The Cataract Inn Gallery Metalworks Enable Training and Consulting

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2016-07-05 query..:

Hi   Sam  It's a great question.  I'm not aware of any particular reference materials but here are my thoughts and a bit on how I have done things in the past...    1. Don't be auditing your bookkeeper

2016-03-17 Corporate Guest House.:

I presume you mean instead of having out of town guests/employees stay in a hotel??  Then the advantages would be that there MAY be a cost savings, and you can control the environment / quality, etc.

2015-10-15 Business card.:

If you have a resume/CV it's likely because you are looking for a job, so what will the business card say?  If the card has a distinctive look or maybe graphically says "who you are" then it adds something

2015-10-14 Insurance software product manufacturing.:

Hi Prashant  I don't really understand this question.  Do you mean would it be a good idea to start a business writing S/W for the Ins. industry? If so i don't know for sure but my suspicion is that this

2015-10-12 Luck factors contributing to business success.:

You can't put a % on it but luck is a factor.  However there's an old proverb that luck is where opportunity and preparation meet.  Both of those are under your control. You create opportunity by being


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