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Thinking "out-of-the-box" -- seeing Internet-related opportunities that may have been missed. Taking basic business/technology ideas and expressing them in terms of user benefits and long-term implications. Helping startups that have depended on early adopters to revise their content to reach and serve a general audience. Using content and knowledge of search engines to build traffic to Web sites. Helping to build successful chat events and forums.

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AltaVista, Compaq, Harcourt, Hitachi, and numerous small companies and startups

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Matt12/29/11101010Super fast turnaround response! Amazing service. Thank .....

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2015-05-15 Online store:

This does not sound like a very good idea.  It sounds like you want to sell anything and everything to everyone.  If you had a very narrow interest -- an area where you have special knowledge or unique

2014-03-25 Online business idea:

Check my book Web Business Bootcamp, which is available for free online at www.samizdat.com/bootcamp.html  It's a bit old, and some of the web sites mentioned have gone away.  But the basic principles

2011-12-29 Growing an online service business?:

I suspect that personal attention is an important part of the service.  The clients stick to their exercise programs because they are seen and because there is a fixed schedule with lots of feedback/advice

2010-11-03 ebooks:

So write.  Write what you want, how you want.  And rewrite and rewrite again, until you get to the point where you can put it down and pick it up two weeks later and still believe that it says what you

2009-03-09 Website.:

You would need many many visitors with a clearly identifiable common interest in order to make money with affiliate marketing these days. And building such an audience could be very difficult and very


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