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Michael Michelini


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selling on ebay, selling on your own website via ecommerce, listing on google adwords, landing pages,

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Since 2003 I have been doing marketing and sales for technology companies. In 2004 I started my own online ebay and ecommerce shop. I have fun and good (and bad!) experiences with ebay, amazon, google adwords. In late 2007 I opened a company in China, where I source products for ecommerce as well as build and promote my US and China online shops.


Shadstone Limited - helping American companies build their Chinese Social Media Startup Weekend, Shenzhen, China organizer hero meets hero Chinese Foreign Trade federation


Google adwords certified professional, masters in Tech management, bachelors in engineering management

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Google Adwords Certification eBay powerseller

What do you like about this subject?

The limitless opportunities, and the fact that with enough work and care, you can make it!

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Prashant S Akerkar 04/13/17101010Dear Michael Thanks. Prashant
Blue07/24/16101010Thanks very much! I didn't realize that .....
David06/22/15101010Very helpful. Thank you!
Melanie07/25/13101010Thank you so much for the response .....

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2016-07-17 ebay login:

Hi Blue!    I have a bad feeling someone took your password! You should immediately contact the security center at eBay and explain the situation - they should be able to help you - you may need to verify

2015-06-18 eCommerce Question:

Hi David,    I would suggest applying for stripe.com or braintreepayments.com - First Data is ancient and not so friendly to e-commerce busineses    those should have plugins with WP ecommerce (though

2015-05-22 Selling Articles Online:

Hi Den,    Yes, this does sound "Shady" to me too - but there is this old saying that you get what you pay for. I have used odesk / elance in the past to pay writers to write for me.    I'm not sure how

2015-05-15 Selling Articles Online:

Hi Den,    I think you need to separate two different things here    content free  - for the reader  content creation - for the business owner / website owner.    so the readers are getting more and more

2013-10-05 Making CDs to Sell on eBay:

Hi Joseph,    I would do internet research on "drop shipping" and "Drop ship" keywords - this is a term where you can buy 1 piece from a supplier and have it sent directly to your customer without you


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