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I have broad expertise in marketing, including research, innovation, advertising, branding and direct response. Additionally, the unique areas of my expertise are green marketing (consumer needs and wants related to environmental concerns) and sustainable business practices (how to operate a business in an environmentally friendly way).

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My two decades of experience encompasses senior marketing positions in Citigroup, Harley-Davidson, and other large companies. I also own a small online business (



Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Certificate in International Relations from the University of Rochester.

What do you like about this subject?

The combination of creativity and analytical thinking, combined with the focus on helping customers find solutions to their needs.

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Miss Susan Wilson10/12/13101010Extremely thorough, and took time to answer .....
S. Wilson10/12/13101010WOW! Thank you, Glen Franklin! Very informative .....
Demetrius08/22/13101010The great thing about Glen Franklin is .....

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