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Dr. Brynn Winegard


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Brynn is an expert in and can answer questions about marketing, marketing communications, advertising and media, consumer behaviour, new products and new product development,innovation, branding, retail, neuromarketing, neuromanagement, strategy. Why and how shoppers shop; how brands are built, buttressed, and broken; why and how retailers do what they do; why some new products succeed or fail; what a company should do; what to expect in marketing/retail/business/markets in the future etc.

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Brynn has 10 years experience in corporate marketing, has a PhD in marketing, an MBA in marketing and strategy, a HBSc in neuroscience and psychology, is a professor at 3 institutions, has taught thousands of post-secondary students, and now runs a successful consulting company out of Toronto.


Winegard & Company Schulich School of Business Schulich Executive Education Centre Ryerson University University of Guelph


Honors Bachelor of Science--Psychology and Neuroscience Masters of Business Administration--Marketing, Strategic Management Philosophical Doctorate--Administrative Science, Marketing/Marketing Strategy

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