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Presently providing Executive Business Coaching to all size businesses in the USA and Internationally for Chet Holmes International and Tony Robbins. I coach on a one on one basis but I also have a intimate group coaching model I use and I am constantly adding select clients that want to take their business to the next level, I am a published author the latest book was #1 on Amazon the first day "Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines" by Jay Conrad Levinson, I was one or thirty four contributing authors, the second book was "Guerrilla Networking" My marketing strength includes cable television and radio. I also work with all media such as Print, Magazines, Broadcast TV, Web Design, Marketing, Consulting, develop copy ideas and commercials. My nitch is making these services availiable to small and mid-sized businesses. I am a master networking professional, motivotional speaker, keynote speaker and certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. I pratice building solid business relationdhips. Creative thinking allows me to see things out of the box

Experience in the area

Cable TV sales 6 1/2 years top in sales for 5 years Own and operate my advertising agency 9 1//2 years Started a furnitue business in Costa Rica almost 2 years ago Senior Business coach for Chet Holmes 2 years Too many others to list over my many years working


Chamber of commerce, local business mentoring group I started, Women's network, strathmores who's who


"Guerrilla Networking" "Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines"


High School, some collage

Awards and Honors

Was in Yankee Magazine in 1986 for making colonial one piece pitchforks.

Past/Present Clients

visit my web site information is listed there

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Demetrius03/21/14101010Kip is helpful, knowledable and very clear .....
Demetrius11/05/13101010Kip knows the business. Highly reccommended.
Demetrius11/05/13101010Very good answer from Kip. Kip Kip .....
Demetrius11/05/13101010Kip was swift, clear and knowledgable.

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