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I can answer questions about all marketing although my specialty is Guerrilla Marketing. If you don't have the budget of Wal-Mart, you need Guerrilla Marketing. If you're not familiar with Guerrilla Marketing, the premise is that you can do what the big boys do, but less expensively, if you're willing to use your time, energy, and creativity.

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42 years of experience marketing companies that I have founded, developed and sold, starting with my research and typing service for college students when I was 10.


Graduate of Texas A&M University

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2015-01-25 Is narrative more important than evidence in marketing?:

Hey, Max.    I don't know whether or not it's true because I haven't seen any peer-reviewed research on it. However, my gut instinct say, "Yes."    I say that because I think people like to hear what other

2014-03-11 SEO:

Hey, Clayton.    It's actually quite easy. If you were searching for your services or products, what would you search on?    There is no limit to keywords, so use them all!    However, Google, Yahoo, and

2013-10-10 Affiliate programs?:

You want your site to be as popular as possible, which is why you want to blog as much as possible. However, I don't think any affiliate program has a prohibition against applying for an affiliate program

2013-10-09 Blog vs Website?:

It's possible to transfer everything. You'll probably need some help but it shouldn't be hard to do for someone who knows. If you intend on doing it yourself, check out the WordPress forums where answers

2013-10-09 Blog vs Website?:

Hey, Miss Wilson.    You really want both a web site and a blog because they do different things for you and your customers.    Over the years Google, Yahoo, and Bing have modified their search algorithms


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